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Based on a True Story | HD Captures

Hi all! Added all the HD captures (amazing quality) of Claire in Based on a True Story. Enjoy!

Public Appearances 2023

Hi all! Apologizes for the lack of updates. Been quite busy lately – getting business back and running. I’ve updated the photo gallery with the most recent public events that Claire attended in 2023. Enjoy!

Art Basel Miami Party

Claire attended the Art Basel Miami Party in Miami, FL on December 2, 2022.

New Layout | Botanical Greens

New Layout | Botanical Greens

Hi all! We have a new layout finally! Version 2.0 Botanical Greens – images from one of Claire’s most recent photo sessions. Thanks to very talented Carmen @ HeadersOnline for this gorgeous header and a whole new start to the new year! Also updated the gallery layout with the same so it’s consistent. Hope you all love the new layout!

And as always: Please let me know if you find any broken links etc.

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