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Ocean Drive Magazine | October 2021

Claire Holt for New Beauty Magazine

During the bright, sparkly, sunny days of June there is an unwritten law that you must take at least one day off—a vacation from the everyday routine of daily life, even if you don’t go anywhere. Today is not that day for 33-year-old Claire Holt, and all signs point to the fact that it may not be the season either.

When we speak, the mom-of-two is patiently dealing with a chatty toddler (“I thought I’d stick him in front of the iPad but, apparently, he’s not interested”); gearing up for the release of her big summer film project, Untitled Horror Movie (a not-so-standard side note: she had to light herself, record her own sound and do her own hair and makeup for shooting); excitedly awaiting the launch of a limited-edition collection with swimwear brand Andie (she helped design it); and just announced that she’s an investor in Fig. 1, a new direct-to-consumer skin-care line that puts “extra consideration on chemistry” (a legit claim, as the founders consist of a Harvard dermatologist and a cosmetic chemist).

Why a beauty line?
“It wasn’t something I ever planned to get into. I’ve always been obsessed with skin care, all the tricks to stay youthful [laughs], all the anti-aging tips and all those things. But I never had a plan to get involved with something like a skin-care line. A friend connected me with one of the founders of the company. We had a Zoom and I was incredibly impressed with her. Their mission was just so aligned with how I care for my skin and what I care about. They sent me the products, I tried them and, immediately, I was obsessive. I was a stage-five clinger begging them to let me invest in the company. I just found the products so, so effective—like nothing I’ve ever used before.

You never really know when you’re having these conversations. People can wax poetic about their brands, and they can make you really excited about them, but until you try them yourself, you never really know. I found it to be so effective for my skin from the second I used it. It was something that I had to be involved in.”

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